Meditation is indeed increasing brain wave frequency

If you were wondering about whether you should meditate or not, here’s a push in the right direction!
The stimulation mentioned in this infographic can be obtained through simple meditative practices.
Go ahead, move your awareness to greater depths while feeling the waves in the ocean of consciousness.

A recent Scientific American article discussed gamma waves in conjunction with long-term Buddhist meditation practitioners. It was found that the experienced meditators demonstrated self-induced, high-amplitude gamma oscillations during meditation. Researchers also noted that their gamma activity differed significantly from those in a control group, both during the meditation and before they even began. Interestingly enough, a similarly strong presence of gamma waves throughout the cortex has been observed in musicians listening to music, compared against a control group of non-musicians.
The studies highlighted in the infographic above were cited in Dr. Tina Huang’s landmark overview of brainwave stimulation, “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.”

Our guides: emotions!

What is the purpose of our emotions? 20131003-141148
Well to describe it in simple terms; they are our guides. Our emotions tell us what is going on in the internal as well as the external part of our beingness, what we can physically decode from our sensory apparatus. They are also providing you with information regarding what is going on within your realm of consciousness. We can either be conscious or unconscious of our emotions. They don’t have to be strongly felt to be of any particular importance, even the smallest notion of emotion is an indication of how you are dealing with any sort of situation.

Whether it be a past or imagined future situation, or simply something felt in the present moment is of indifference, however, your emotions are telling you exactly what you need to work on, which is why I (and many before me) describe them as guides. chakra-chart
They are powerful if you know how to utilize the information contained within each and every tension or release you feel while having a particular emotion.  You have energy centres along the length of your body called chakra’s. Try and decipher where and in which chakra you are feeling joyous emotions or feelings of tension and you have come a long way. 
Don’t be afraid or discouraged by the emotions you have, whether you become conscious of them or live them out, because they can teach you something very valuable about yourself and the path you are currently leading.  

Lead a happy life by understanding more about who you are. Listen! Your emotions are always telling you something about yourself.

Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

A friend of mine sent me this question a few days ago to check up on me. I felt the approach to be authentic and genuine so I applied the same logic in trying to observe my response.The question could raise many answers, angles and arguments which again could lead to questions as the cycle of thought appears to be inexhaustible. Despite this, the abilities of the mind are to be celebrated not repressed or reprimanded, the key lies somewhere between not clinging to any of it and consciously choosing the mental path you wish to lead. I found myself looking for what I was actually feeling in that particular moment. Without letting anything affect my state of awareness I searched within for that feeling of alignment with pure consciousness, that neutral yet excited part of my being which observes all without a priori judgement or anxiety.

gratitude karma clense
I found there a deep well of bliss and the further I went the closer to home I got. It was on that short journey within that I remembered all of a sudden; we are not what we perceive, let alone how we respond or react (they are important factors in shaping our character and this life over time, yes, however..) we are what we choose to see and be and our freedom lies in our ability to question this very right and be the change we wish to see in the world, to put it in Ghandian terms.


This part of my being was emanating a vibration of appreciation.
A feeling that right this moment all is well, balanced and harmoniously flowing while continuing to unfold as art on life’s great canvas. We are individually, but most importantly collectively, realizing both internal and external potential, constantly pushing the edge of awareness towards greater achievements. And as our perception evolves into a more unifying and positive awareness of the true principles of nature and mind we find in the midst of our existence the heart that pours so generously out to accompany the greatest symphony there ever was. Yes, I feel the future is bright and that life is just about to begin, like it always is, every now moment.

In this state, which is our natural state, I feel blessed and truly grateful to be, and to simply be where I am today, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Life may be overwhelming at times, but everything is relative and all in all I know the challenges are both in order and proportion to my purpose and potential and by taking proper action, or responsibility, I can and will excel and advance on this eternal journey of mine.
I also know that the journey of life is not truly mine, and certainly not for the keeping; I am a part of something much greater than myself and whatever life throws at me I can rest assure that “this, too, shall pass” – if I allow it to.
It gives me great pleasure knowing that I am contributing to a larger body of consciousness-collection. We are adding bits and pieces of information to the puzzle and fabric of existence simply by inhaling and exhaling the recycled substance of life, which is love. Our task is simple but easy to make complicated – simply breathe this substance into new shapes and sizes, there is no limit to the creative.

Strong church imageI am in no way feeling overwhelmed, well not if the word implies anything of negative nature at least. I am overwhelmingly grateful in this moment. For this moment is truly unique, once in a life time, and we are not *just* specks of dust in this beautifully choreographed dance of source’s creative expression, these specks of dust we’re referring to are conducting vital parts in the show and as such I am working on perfecting my moves to the timeless rhythm of love.

This unifying pulse is keeping me calm and let’s me know that we are all in this together and there’s no task to great for us to collectively overcome.

ॐ We are one, with and in love, Namasté ॐ

On happiness

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”
― The Buddha

freedom to be happy

Ponder that thought. Meditate on that message. 
A man once addressed the Buddha with an agitated mind stressing this sentence over and over: “I want happiness!”.
The Buddha answered with a smile: “First, remove the “I” that’s the ego. Then remove “want”, that’s desire. What are you left with then?”
The man stood for some time, speechless and baffled but his eyes told a story of their own. All these years it had been right there, underneath all conditioning, fear, and ignorance. Right then and there it became clear, the man had found and awoken his own source to happiness – it had been laying dormant within.
You are always free to be happy. 

A little love

A little love goes a long way and what we are beginning to understand, scientifically too, is that love transcends both time and space. That means you can send love to anyone, anywhere and any time (zone, era, epoch, you name it). This can be achieved by feeling an intense and deep sense of unconditional love and appreciation while holding an image in your mind of the person/thing you wish to connect with on a pure mental/emotional/spiritual plane.
This way we connect to the target held in mind/heart through the unified field of consciousness whereby limitations such as distance and time are ineffective. They are merely illusions to our perceptions so when our minds are illumined with truth, light, love, and peace we can transcend that same light and love to every corner of all that is in existence (and that which has been and will be, obviously).

That is to say that you hold that power at present moment and it is you who consciously choose, every minute of every day, what to do with and where to direct it. 
A little love

Energy flows where attention goes, so be aware and still and you shall be able to fill yourself up with love and appreciation in abundance, so much so that it flows over and affects all in which you come into contact with. 
Love is all around and when your eyes have opened to this ancient wisdom your life becomes full of more reasons to believe.

Be still and know that you are an extension of God. Do onto others as you wish done onto you.
You are always free to love.

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Accepting and allowing


Life is mainly about beliefs, and many of the things we currently believe are downright false and certainly keeping some bound to the ground.
You were ment to fly freely – well at least know that you are the only one creating the “real” limitations in your own life.

Whatever we believe rules our perception of existence, rules our lives.
Humans create their own boundaries, their own limitations, through beliefs.

But, when you know that the power that is life is inside you – people and their beliefs and opinions become less of an influence as you accept your own divinity, yet you remain humble and grateful because you see that same divinity in others.
Gratitude is like being in-sync with source itself.
The intense heartthrob you get in a state of gratitude is source itself flowing in, out, and through the core of your very own being; filling the matter, which you identify with, to the brim with joy, abundance and prosperity.
Live in that state, love what you experience.

Everything is a manifestation of “God”. You are in the trees, the butterflies, the fish, the air, the moon, the sun. Wherever you go, you are there, waiting for yourself.
Your body is a temple, a living temple where “God” lives. Keep your heart open, that was always portrayed and depicted as the most important way to personal salvation and success. Keep it open and let love flow through you.
The whole world can love you, but that love will not necessarily make you happy. What makes you truly happy is feeling the unconditional love pouring out of you.
Giving = Receiving
You are always free to love ❤

Don’t believe ’em.
You create your own dream of heaven, no one can create it for you. Nothing but common sense will guide you to your own happiness, your own creation.
By not believing, whatever is untrue will disappear like smoke in this world of illusions.
What is true doesn’t need your support (or anyone else’s for that matter) – its already true in its essence.
You can choose how you want to live your life, and if you are honest with yourself you will know that you are always free to make new choices.

Clean your opened emotional and spiritual wounds with forgiveness. Forgiveness is for your own mental healing. Forgive because you feel compassion for yourself. Forgiveness is an act of self love. 🙂 ❤


Let the light in

Let the light in

Awareness is light. The only way to defeat or overcome darkness is by bringing in the light. The more you practice the more light there will be. Embody awareness.
That is enlightenment.
We are light, and light manifests as Love.
Embody the light and express who you are.

Blessed be the ones who bless others on their path. We are all walking towards the same goal, but there are many ways to get there.
Follow your bliss.

Love is Free


Unconditional in its nature it surrounds us at every moment. Love is free and like happiness it cannot be captured and owned.
Love can, however, transform, ignite, begin, and preserve.
Love must flow, that is freedom, and when love flows there’s no force strong enough to diminish its power. It is eternal, so not confined to our limiting notion of ‘time’ but rather an extension and expression of the light within all.

It’s a choice

Love has already conquered all, it’s our task to wake up and feel it.

At every moment in our life, we have the opportunity to choose. It is in the choice that our true freedom lies, and that freedom is, in the final analysis, the freedom to LOVE.
I choose to love you very much, as we are one and this world wouldn’t be the same without you.

Peace, love, light, and blessings ❤